Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like to join in but not sure where to start, please have a look at our FAQs….

I’m new: what do I do?

· Check out the Patterns page to find and print out the pattern

· Get supplies – you need some double-knit yarn in any colour, plus some in GREEN for the outside edge of each square, and a 4mm hook

· If you are a Facebook member, join our group and look out for the video of Carmen doing the first round of your first granny square. There will be more to follow…

· Have fun!

I can’t crochet: how do I learn?

· Have a look at the video tutorials on Facebook that we will be posting over the next few weeks. We will be posting video tutorials for each part of the granny square. We also plan to run some face to face sessions depending on lockdown rules.

· If you aren’t a Facebook member or can’t wait to get started, then check out YouTube for tutorials. There are some excellent “how to crochet” tutes.

· Keep an eye out for the live tutorials we will be hosting either online or in person in the park.

What yarn/wool do I need?

· You must only use acrylic yarn and a double-knit (dk) weight. Any colour as long as the outside edge of each square is GREEN. This is so that the tree will withstand all weathers and make it easy to wash and recycle into blankets at the end of the project.

How many squares should I make?

As many as you like! Our technical expert, Clare, has calculated we need about 1,000 squares to make the six-metre tree. If you are keen, then sending blocks of nine squares joined together would be super helpful! 

How do I join the squares?

Please use whipstitch to join, through both loops and right sides together, and in blocks of three by three; that’s nine in total. We are limiting each joined section to nine squares so that we can construct the tree easily.


All squares should be delivered by 31st October 2021. This allows time for construction and assembly of the tree.

Where do I send finished squares?

Please Contact Us so we can share the address of where to post or deliver, or you can drop off at the Craft-I Trims stall in the Market Harborough Market Hall.

How can I donate?

Please click on this link to donate to our nominated charity, HomeStart South-Leicestershire.

How will you repurpose the finished squares once the tree is taken down?

We plan to wash the squares in sections, repurpose as blankets and then distribute to charity. Please get in touch if you can help with this. Thank you.